The Prophet Muhammad A Messenger Of Peace And Compassion

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Our noble Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa salaam) was indeed a Messenger of Peace and Compassion. The beloved Prophet (SAW) is the perfect creation of Allah and an ideal human for mankind. The religion “Islam” which Holy Prophet (SAW) practiced itself bears the literal meaning ‘PEACE’ and his teachings also established peace at all levels. Prophet (SAW) defined Muslim as the one who offers salaams (blessings of peace) to the other peoples whom they know and also to whom they don’t know. This one statement of the Prophet (SAW) proves that he was the lover of peace and also he carried this message to all mankind of this world. Our Holy Prophet also reminded the people that ‘All of mankind belongs to Allah’s family’.

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But the Prophet (SAW) self-realized human came to this world as mentor to educate the mankind to know themselves in order to spread peace everywhere in this world. As mentioned in the Quran, Servants of Allah the most Compassionate are those who walk on the earth in modesty and if ignorant people address them, they say," Peace, the Prophet (SAW) carried the principle of the Peace in his whole life. When the famous poet of Pagan Arab wrote a poetry which ridiculed Allah’s message and criticized Islam, the Prophet (SAW) simply maintained patience and prayed Allah to forgive him for his behavior. All followers of the Prophet got irritated towards the He also suggested all his followers to exercise patience to spread the message…show more content…
He carried the religious call all over his life period and also remained clear with that by following those principles. While struggling for the spreading of the Peace in Medina, the Prophet (SAW) said to his followers that a Muslim can diminish hatred by showing their love towards people and also a Muslim can destroy the aggressiveness by spreading peacefulness. Prophet (SAW) also settled down the various conflicts aroused among the tribes of Medina by establishing a homogeneous community and founded a society where people from various ethnic origins, different religions were treated equally and allowed to practice their own religion. This is the most practical step taken by the Prophet (SAW) in order to create an atmosphere of peace and goodwill among the followers of different religions. Our Holy Prophet (SAW) also established social peace by spreading the ideas such as no one is superior in any possible way in front of god. No white man is superior to the Black man and No Black man is inferior to white men. In God’s sight everyone is same and Allah will love those who were righteous in their life. Prophet (SAW) met the enmity in his life by following the path of Peace, and also he preached that controlling one’s one anger towards others will make an individual most strongest which will also create a peaceful surrounding. Prophet (SAW) explained that Salam (Peace) is
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