The Prophet Isaiah From The Old Testaments

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One of the most impressive legendary books that was written by the Hebrew prophet Isaiah from the Old Testaments is the book of Isaiah. (Hindson &Towns, 2013) This book originated from a long range of testimonies and visions, between 740-680 B.C, which had much turmoil going on at this time. People from Judah started to perform idolatry and all other types of evil works; the Assyrians have placed the Samaria tribe in custody just to have power over them. The book of Isaiah shows how Assyria had taken over much of the Crescent shaped region, which caused a major problem between both Damascus and the Assyria. However, during this time of confusion there was a king by the name of Hezekiah who was over Judah, prayed to God that the Lord would rescue them from the Assyrians. God did truly rescued Judah, but soon after a prophecy came for their future. (Hindson &Towns, 2013, pg, 271). When you talk about days of turmoil and how God wanted his people to realize there was hope, than set your eyes on the book Isaiah because its objective was to reunite Judah’s heart with their faith in believ...

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