The Promotion of the Different Doctrines of Human Security in Africa

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1. Research Theme and Theoretical Perspective

The theme outlined in this article is the promotion of the different doctrines of human security in Africa by the African Union (AU). The development of guidelines and framework leading to a stronger legislation of the concept of human security in Africa was established in the article. The contribution of the AU to promote human security as a sought-after necessity in Africa and also the challenges encountered in spreading this concept is also outlined.

The theoretical perspective of the author in this article is based on how the concept of human security should be people centred and not state centred. The article emphasizes on how the AU is trying to implement the new notion of human security as the ideal way of ruling in the mind-set of the African elite. The observation of the current situation in Africa regarding basic needs, violence, good governance and sustainability led to the establishment of a stronger legislation concerning the application of human security concepts.

The drafting and adoption of the Constitutive Act of the African Union (CA) helped empower the AU and changed its mandate to preventing, managing and solving conflicts on the continent. The CA included human security ideas, sustainable development solutions and reinforcement in the protection of ordinary people from abusive ruling powers (Tieku 2007; 29). However, a number of states oppose it and use their powers to change the framework of the document in their favours.

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2. Sub Themes, Main Arguments and Conclusion

The article was subdivided into four sections considered as the sub themes. The first sub theme entails the establishment of the African Union (AU) where human security...

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