The Progressive Era and Movement

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During the Progressive Era, occurring from 1890 until 1920, progressives attempted to make many changes at a national level and were characterized by support for economic, social, and political reforms. By realizing the rapid industrial growth, poor class, and immigration, progressive’s goals were to relieve these issues and create laws that gave the common people more power. Progressive reformers gave significance to issues of black rights and also to women suffrage, however these issues had proved to be forgotten by Woodrow Wilson, whom of which was the president during this time. Although the reformers were not successful with these two issues, they seemed to be successful in improving much of the other negativity that had occurred during this era including the working conditions of the meat industry, child labor laws, and by changing the competition from large companies. In the end, all of these proved that the reformers turned out to be very successful in bringing reform to a national level. Along with these issues that the progressives tried to stop competition, they also fought many groups that tried to eliminate social classes along the way. Progressives were able to be successful in restoring economic competition, making the government more efficient, and stemming the tide of socialism.
Progressives were mostly muckrakers. Muckrakers were writers whom of which wrote of the slums and labor abuse children were facing, bringing many of the issues being faced during this time into the open. By ending the power of big companies, progressives, whom of which included Woodrow Wilson, hoped to restore economic competition. By the government allowing for large companies to have close relations in government, Wilson felt they were ...

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...long with this, there was an anti-child labor movement created that helped gain support from the federal government and achieve much success.
All in all, the progressive movement was made up of very influential events and changes that amounted in success. Even though only few of the reformers had been successful, the most important movements- to restore economic competition, making government more efficient, and stem the tide of socialism- were successful. By allowing for support from President Wilson, progressives were able to gain support and become very successful in completing what they stood for. Not only did this mean they gained rights for child labor, but they also helped to create a more equal government for the people, and eliminate competition from large companies. In the end, the progressives were very successful in achieving each of their goals.

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