The Progressive Era

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The beginning of the twentieth century was a time of great social change and economic growth in the United States. The progressive era was a time in which Americans were innovating in social welfare. In the progressive period the government needed to take action in the role of economy, regulating big business, immigration, and urban growth. Once the great depression happened in which America’s economy faltered people started to panic. For Americans the main issues asked were how to make society work more efficiently. The great society era was a time of optimism after the post-world war II occurred. The creations of new federal programs were developed for those who were in need due to poverty, being disabled or old age.

In the progressive era there were economic, social and political developments that occurred to improve the social well-being of its people. There were many social developments happening for example the women’s suffrage campaign, the first national movement for black people and the rise of a radicle left. The women’s suffrage movement fought for many causes that gave women the opportunities we have today. They strived for the right to vote and they made it happen by marches and protests that spread through major cities. The women’s movement also campaign for family planning through birth control. The campaign was led by Margaret Sanger; she was arrested several times for sending out information on contraceptives. The American birth control league is now called the Planned Parenthood federation. The suffragettes wanted equality and most female reformer wanted protective laws to regulate the conditions in which women worked (Abramovitz, 2004). There were programs such mother’s pension that were created to allow wid...

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...ieved that abuses of power by government and business could be ended (Briggs, 2012). In the great society era the social legislation of this period responded to the social movements by eliminating segregation.

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