The Professionalism Of Nursing : A Profession That Merges The Advancing Knowledge

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The recognition of professionalism in nursing is an unceasing subject of debate- still, very open to diverse judgments and with yet no clear consensus on the matter in question. A profession is identified to be a line of employment based on specialized intellectual learning and thorough academic preparation, to ultimately supply expert services to the advancement of society (Wynd, 2013). The practice of nursing has been prevalent since the beginning of time, evolving tremendously in the past century. It has continued to develop bit by bit in its primary areas of extensive knowledge, research and code of ethics to prove itself a staple in the professional scene. Nursing is a profession that merges the advancing knowledge and data founded by contemporary generations with the traditions and customs of past civilisations. Through the profession’s theoretical body of knowledge governing its practice, and its employees’ strong level of commitment, nursing continues to attest to being key to the health of civilisation, and the betterment of society. A nurse identifies closely with the profession, and it is their commitment to the field that acts as the pivot from which proficient health care stems. Nurses have laid out the foundations of the standards for nursing practice and established a code of ethics they are opt to adhere to- a violation of which can potentially cost their license being revoked or sanctioned (Education Committee of the Association of Community Health Nurse Educators, 2010). A nurse is under the liability and individual responsibility of the care and services they provide in hospital settings- with accountability over multiple clients including singular individuals, families and wholesome communities. The Education... ... middle of paper ... ...oothly, an all-around well-trained, well-educated nurse is necessary for the success of his work. Nursing has evolved tremendously in the past century- swapping out old concepts for the new, and intelligence being passed down from one generation to the next to carry on the career’s body of knowledge. There is yet no clear consensus surrounding the question of whether or not nursing is a profession, but as nursing remains committed to providing care to the ill and unhealthy, it becomes no question that a nurse is absolutely crucial and indispensable to the social order. As nursing’s body of knowledge continues to develop, and the level of commitment to the profession only succumbs to heightening, nursing will continue to tick boxes of the criteria of what it constitutes to become a profession, and continue to be principal in promotion of health and well-being today.

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