The Process of Setting Up a GSM Network

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GSM TECHNOLOGY Contents Executive Summary 3 Strategic Business Assessment 3 Trade off analysis and rationale 4 Competition and Technology 4 System Selection 8 Customer Device 9 System Description 10 SERVICE DESCRIPTION 11 Initial Capabilities and Limitation 12 Coverage Description 13 Data plans 14 Planned compititve imrovement 14 Static vs. Dynamic IP Addresses 14 APPLICATION 15 Interconnection 15 Mobility 16 Other competitive technological solutions 17 Technical plans and detail 17 Upgrading to Next Generation 19 REFERENCES 19 Executive Summary The document throws light on the GSM technology and associated process which are required to setup a GSM network. This generally focus on the competition and technology which are currently available in the market as well as the mode and types of communication that can be offered by the company. While discussing about the business strategy which attributed to GSM services oriented, there are many things which need to be considered and play a very significant role. These important components are discussed in this document in order to support efficient business strategy. Strategic Business Assessment The main and the most important task is the research work which is responsible for handling every kind of risk and conditions which are unexpected can be the research work. This may take a little long time ‘but it is mandatory for the successful and fruitful results in order to achieve the right goal. The main strategy for improving the business performance will be the evolution of the current process and reviewing the research work in order to establish the best strategy for the business. Companies which offer different types of Market: there... ... middle of paper ... ...g to Next Generation 4th Generation 4th generation communication are the next level of communication in which there is advancement of every services. This is the most frequent and common used terms which generally refer to the new generation of mobile phones which use new GSM services in order to support better communication and data transmission. This technology not only needed to upgrade the system to the next level but s also supports the process of adding the new other services. This ay results in increment of the cost but as the demand increase, the cost can be bearable ad considered to be the cost effective. REFERENCES • • • •
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