The Process of Natural Selection

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Natural selection is the process in which heritable traits that make it more likely for organisms to survive and successfully reproduce become more common in a population over successive generations. Each of us individuals is specifically shaped and formed by our own genetic pattern. We inherit this pattern half from are mother and half from are father. The cause of this is the proximate cause that led it’s phenotype to ultimate causes. Much of we know today about evolution derives from the late great pioneer, Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin was an english naturalist that even from an early age was very interested in outdoor pursuits. Early in his prep career his father tried sending him to the University of Edinburg to pursue his medical school. With his dads hopes falling through because Charles was scared by the gore of surgery and couldn’t stay in the operating room. His father then sent him to Christ’s College in Cambridge to study to be a clergyman which to his dad’s fear didn’t work out as well. He then got recognized by a professor to become a promising student in natural history. Right after, he joined a voyage that would change his thinking and his life. The five year trip on the HMS Beagle to South America opened his eyes and later in 1859 Charles Darwin Published the world-changing book, On The Origin of Species. Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection has had a major impact on the way scientists think about life on earth. In the beginning, he made the distinctions that all life on earth had a common origin, so that all creatures came from an ancient common ancestor.Years later he would present his second great idea on evolution by realizing that some individuals would succeed in competition for resources and ... ... middle of paper ... ...ittest. As we know now, in psychology important implications are met with the idea that all organisms descend from a common ancestor. The unity of life is tremendously important to psychology because since were all derived from one common we ancestor we can study them and learn more about us. We can do experiments on different animals and come up with life solutions to our problems that were facing today as humans. For example, we can develop new medications for mental illness by studying the affects on lab rats. All of the advances that we have made are because of the strong resemblance we have biologically between humans and animals. Evolution is one of sciences best established confirmed theories that many researchers have built on in many strong ways. Very important to psychology, we now have an understanding on an important part called genetics and evolution.
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