The Process of Hiring and Maintaining an Executive Assistant

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In the past several weeks the Home Company has gone through a large turnover in employees and the company is looking to write new policies and get the company on the right track. The Home Company President has requested that we hire an Executive Assistant for him. This is a new position and it is very important that we understand his expectations of this position so we are able to hire the right person for this job. After determining the core job functions of the Executive Assistant it is important to be specific on the essential functions of this position. The job description will be submitted on the internal website, many job websites, it will be posted on all bulletin boards within the Company and in the newspaper. The goal is to ensure that this job announcement will be very wide spread. Below you will see the job description, summary of duties and education and experience required. JOB DESCRIPTION: The Executive Assistant will “provide high-level administrative support by conducting research and writing policies. Create presentations, reports and performing clerical functions such as preparing correspondence, screening and prioritizing phone calls, and scheduling meetings. May also train and supervise clerical staff” (Payscale, 2010). SUMMARY OF DUTIES 1.) Must be result orientated 2.) Screen and prioritize workflow 3.) Will maintain calendars and meeting agendas 4.) Prepare all information and materials necessary to create presentations and prepare reports. 5.)Develop and maintain complex spreadsheets and databases 6.)Develop and maintain website EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE: The minimum qualifications required are typically acquired by a combination of education and experience eq... ... middle of paper ... ...versity (1998) Human Resources Presents…Personnel Manager; Ranking Interview retrieved from, LLC. (2010); Pros And Cons Of Hiring Independent Contractors retrieved from cx_nl_1011nolo.htm Gayle. (2009) High Beam Research; Encyclopedia entry: Employee Evaluation and Performance Appraisals retrieved from Payscale, LLC (2o1o) Payscale; Salary Snapshot for Senior Executive Assistant Jobs retrieved Ruth, Erich J. (Nov. 10, 2009) 1099Fire Pros and Cons of Hiring an Independent Contractor retrieved from

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