The Process of Electrolysis

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Electrolysis is a chemical reaction caused by electricity in solutions. Electrolysis can separate molecules (like separating water into hydrogen and oxygen gas, which is called electrolysis of water), electroplate a metal, can be used for welding, and can even be used for hair removal. Electrolysis was discovered by Alessandro Volta. The materials to cause electrolysis are a source of direct current (like batteries), electrolyte, and two electrodes.
A direct current is current, which electricity goes one way. The opposite current of direct current is alternating current. An alternating current is a current which electricity goes back and forth. When a direct current changes into an alternating current it is called a power inverter. One of the most used devices that have direct current is a battery. A battery is voltaic cell that has a positive (cathode) and negative (anode) terminal that converts chemical energy to electricity. A battery exerts electrical energy when the positive terminal (cathode) receives a negative charge (anode) and the negative terminal receives a positive charge. The electricity released is moved by conductors, like wires. A battery released direct current when the batter is connected to wires, the electrons start to move one way like a direct current. There are two kinds of batteries, a primary battery and a secondary battery. A primary battery can only be used once and cannot be recharged.
An electrolyte is a solute inside an electrolytic solution, which is a solution that causes electricity. Electrolyte that has conducts no energy is a nonelectrolyte. In order for an electrolytic solution to cause electricity, the electrolyte needs to have an ion. An ion is an atom that has an electric charge. They ar...

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.... The first law of electrolysis is “the weight of a substance formed at an electrode during electrolysis is directly proportional to the quantity of electricity that passes through electrolyte”. The second of law of electrolysis is “the weight of different substances formed by the passage of the same quantity of electricity is proportional to the equivalent weight of each substance”. This experiment also showed Michael Faraday about oxidation and reduction.
Direct current, electrolyte, and electrodes are what mainly cause electrolysis to occur. Direct current sends out electricity one way. A great source of direct current is a battery. The electrolyte is a solution that has ions, which make the electrolyte produce electricity. Most electrolytes are in a form of acid, base, or salt. An electrode is a conductor for electricity. Some electrodes are in forms of wires.
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