The Process of Becoming a Marine Corps Officer

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The Marine Corps has been protecting America’s freedom and acting as a symbol of strength since 1775. The United States Marine Corps is a force for greatness, bound to the words liberty and justice, sworn to protect every American soul. Marines have battled on land, in air, and at sea for their country and many brave men and women have lost their lives in the line of fire. These brave soldiers are lead by intelligent officers who are strong leaders, quick decision makers, and possess great mental toughness. The young men and women blessed with the privilege of being officers in the Marine Corps face many hardships on their journey to greatness, yet many travel down this road and benefit from the experience greatly. The Marine Corps was first created as landing forces for the Navy’s fleet on November 10, 1775, though they were called the Continental Marines at the time. Early on these brave soldiers served on land and at sea, taking part in many important operations under their first commander Captain Samuel Nicholas. In March 1776, the Corps made its’ first amphibious raid on foreign soil in the Bahamas, marking the change in America’s war style. Though in 1783, the Treaty of Paris ended the Revolutionary War and as the Navy sold the last of its’ ships, both the Continental Navy and Marines were disbanded. Despite this unfortunate turn of events, the Marines made a strong comeback later in our nation’s history; on July 11, 1798 the Corps was reestablished and fought in conflicts along side France, landed in Santo Domingo and fought against the Barbary pirates along the famous “Shores of Tripoli.” The Corps has made a significant difference in many of our nation’s darkest times; during the War of 1812 the Marines took part in nume... ... middle of paper ... ...tough, physically strong, and durable. “The United States Marine Corps, with its fiercely proud tradition of excellence in combat, its hallowed rituals, and its unbending code of honor, is part of the fabric of American myth.” –Thomas E. Ricks; Making the Corps, 1997. Works Cited Corps, Marine. 30 3 2014. 30 3 2014 . Corps, Marine. 30 3 2014. 30 3 2014 . —. 30 3 2014. 30 3 2014 . Doeden, Matt. The US Marine Corps. Mankato: Capstone Press, 2005. Kwan, First Lieutenant Ryan. So You Want My Job: Marine Coprs Officer Brent & Kate McKay. 13 10 2010. Unknown. 30 3 2014. 30 3 2014 . —. 30 3 2014. 30 3 2014 .

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