The Process Of Voting Essay

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The Process of Voting
The right to vote is one of the key freedoms in America and the foundation of our government. The process of voting starts before the first ballot is cast. Voting is an important process in our society and works best when voters meet the proper requirements, are rightfully informed and making it more restrictive can prevent voters who are uninformed. The results of voting when carried out like it was written, it gives power to the people or citizens, it preventing tensions because of partisan administrations. However if voting is not carried out as it should it can result in civil tension.
The first step for any lawful process in America is meeting the requirements. The requirements to register vote in America are: being
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When one casts a vote they should reflect on how far we have come as a nation. Voting was once a privilege given only to those who were of the highest social status: white land owning males. The 19th amendment granted women the right to vote, the 19th amendment states: “right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.” ( The constitution now allows all who are 18 and older the right to vote no matter the sex or race. The constitution is a document to protect citizens from tyranny or big government. The United States government should be “by the people, for the people and of the people”- Abraham Lincoln. This is why the American government is constructed the way it is so no one branch of government has too much power. Tensions are created when the country is so divided nothing is accomplished in congress. Additionally if the government is divided then the people are also divided; for the people and the government go hand and hand. Civilly when the people are divided it causes racial and cultural tensions to rise increasing the number of shootings and riots. In contrast if voting were to be carried out to the letter and the constitution followed as it was written then much of the discord seen today could have been avoided before it rose to the level it is at
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