The Process Of The Musician's Process

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The Musician’s Process The process that musicians go through is very simple: work hard, fail, then work harder. I fully understood this procedure when I played the flute in the orchestra for my high school’s winter musical Once Upon a Mattress. It was a new school year and I wanted to try new things because I didn’t want to look back and regret not doing something fun. Being able to challenge myself gave me new experiences, more perseverance, and ultimately led me to advance in my playing and pursue music further. In my sophomore year of high school, I decided to jump into an experience that would be different than any other. My school system was set up to have seventh through ninth grade in the middle school and tenth through twelfth in…show more content…
Shaking with excitement, I eagerly snatched my music. I delicately opened the packet and looked at the music and any exuberance I had turned to terror. It was the most advanced music I had played in my career as a musician. Twenty four arduous songs created the repertoire. There were horrendous rhythms and an overwhelming amount of advance musical elements. What did I get myself into was the only thought sprinting through my mind. At rehearsals, I would make numerous mistakes. Cringing with each note and rhythm I garbled, I was so embarrassed. I felt like my peers perceived me as meager and an incompetent player, but I wanted them to see me as talented so I need to raise the bar up so I didn’t jeopardize our relationship. Three atrocious rehearsals later, I started to kick myself into…show more content…
I practiced everything slow at first for ultimate accuracy and tone, then started to bring it up to the performed tempo. Some days I would feel like I made great strides in my progress. I was getting every note, accent, and rhythm correct and I felt confident and beatific. I was acting with my music! Other days were complete torture. I could not get the rhythms right, notes were being passed over, and my tone was repulsive. It made me feel overwhelmed, but I also felt so much rage. My teeth and fists would be clenched and I had to stop to calm down before I gave myself a migraine. After a few rounds with this back and forth progress, I started to understand that that is the musician’s process. I would work so hard and get everything correct, then totally mess it up, but I would try harder and make it so perfect I could never get it wrong. After this realization, I stopped feeling like a failure and understood that is how progress was made. I gained perseverance and so as the play came closer, each note became better than the last and I had finally mastered my music and my chest swell with

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