The Process Of Baseball: The Lower Levels Of Professional Baseball

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The Process Trusting your own skills and working hard to get to the level you want to be at in baseball is commonly referred to as “the process.” The average salary of a major league baseball player is 3.5 million while minor leaguers make about 20,000 dollars a year. Passion and money is the sole reason why every baseball player wants to make it for the top. Professional baseball is composed of seven levels which can be categorized into three levels consisting of the lower, middle, and upper levels. Each level is different, but everyone has the same goal. Make it to the major leagues. As long as players work hard and stay dedicated they can achieve their dreams. The greatest thing about baseball is that is is like Florida weather because it is so unpredictable. First, the lower levels of professional baseball are Rookie and Class-A Short Season. Unlike many other sports, baseball teams can draft players out of high school. Most of high school draftees are assigned to play Rookie ball just to get used to the lifestyle and playing everyday. The average age for a player in Rookie ball is 19. Their season consists of only 75 games a year, which gives them time to practice more due to a short season. Class-A short season also consists of 75 game season, but the players in this league are a little bit older than those in Rookie ball. Most players have just been drafted out of college with no professional experience whatsoever. This is good because the season starts…show more content…
Players are becoming better and better at younger ages and are making more money than they could have ever dreamed of. Baseball is like a novel because only smart people can understand it. There are six levels of baseball in the minor leagues and then the Major Leagues which makes for a total of seven levels of professional baseball. Players never truly know if they will make it to the top, but hard work sure makes it a lot

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