The Problems of Living in a Newly Set Up Town in the West

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The Problems of Living in a Newly Set Up Town in the West In the time period of 1840-1895, commonly known as the American west, pioneers set off to the west of America to set up homes there, with the promise of free land, and the image of ‘streets paved with gold’ in their minds; Americans were more than willing to pack up and find their fortune. However, moving west was not as easy as most had anticipated, and many families perished on the journey over alone, not to mention the living conditions when they arrived. As more and more families began migrating west, the discoveries of gold brought along many big businesses, and a mass increase in people hoping to make money. This meant that towns needed to be set up to accommodate all of these people. As well as ordinary living towns, ranchers and miners needed to set up cow towns and mining towns for there workers. New laws were continuously being passed to encourage this, as U.S government wanted to make the west a part of the U.S.A as quickly as possible. Homesteaders had a right to claim land if they moved to the west, and land to build a town could be bought cheaply, resulting in towns being set up literally overnight. The mass amount of people migrating to set up towns would cause some inevitable problems. One of the problems with setting up a town in such a small amount of time was that there was a serious lack of law and order; there was rarely any kind of law enforcement until a long time after the towns were set up. Gang rule was often adopted, and almost all men in these towns had a gun and would use it readily if necessary. Of those who had gone to find there fortune in gold... ... middle of paper ... ...nctional towns of the likes of the towns in the east, all of which made it extremely hard to live in the newly set up towns that the West had to offer. From the mass amounts of people travelling to them, to the sheer unruliness of the people in the towns, the government would have to quell the problems for good if they truly wanted to become a great nation. This was something that homesteaders and immigrants had to take into account before making the decision move to America, as the images sent back to the east through propaganda and the government were usually of a far more positive nature than the hard labour that was there to greet the immigrants after their travels. Possibly, if the travellers had been informed of this, then a lot of the problems of living in a newly set up town in the west could have been avoided.

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