The Problems With Women's Rights

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It is understood by many that from the global outlook, women are not afforded the same rights as men and often have their rights violated. An issue unique to the violation of the rights of women is that these violations are sometimes not actually recognized as violations (Okin, 1998). Beyond the scope of the individual rights of women, there tends to be an under representation of women in the international political arena. It is argued that the political system is set up and run by males and all attempts at human rights are male oriented and excludes women. Confounding the agenda on women’s rights is the role of culture and religion as being a justification for discrimination against women (Peach, 2002). Even if a woman lives is a country where she seemingly has equal rights with men, these rights disappear at the international level to the extent that where traveling abroad can be unsafe. It's a battle between cultural/religious/social institutions and policy making which contribute to the talk on women's rights. The purpose of this current paper is to explore women’s rights through the lens of the feminist critique on human rights. In the pursuit of human rights in the international arena, specific attention should be paid to the rights of women because of the severe issues they face in our world today. First, it will be explained how the rights of women are often violated and what type of violations have been challenging women. It will also be discussed how religion and culture plays an important roles in women’s rights. Secondly, it will be explained how the goal of women’s rights should be to equalize human rights for all people and how literature on women’s rights can sometimes promote inequality. What will lastly be discus...

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...efinite violation of the rights of women. The inequality, itself, is the problem, yet the rhetoric used to solve this injustice can sometimes confuse discourse about women's rights. In a collaborative effort, various organizations and policies have been created to promote equality across the world. So far these organizations have been fairly successful at making people aware of the disparity of basic human rights for women internationally. Slowly but surely, people are considering the importance of women in political affairs and the added perspective that women lend which men cannot. Possibly the biggest barrier to equality amongst all genders is resolving the competing rights of freedom of religion and gender equality. Undeniably, future work in this field should help to bridge the gap between different cultures and religious groups to ensure equality amongst all
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