The Problems Of Crime, Underemployment And Poverty In The Philadelphia Negro?

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People constantly say that a stranger realizes what the real problem is rather than those who are a part of the problem. In The Philadelphia Negro by W.E.B. Du Bois, the city of Philadelphia was concerned with the Negro problems of crime, underemployment and poverty. African Americas in the seventh ward were blamed for everything that went wrong in the city because they were the minority. Even though they had abolished slavery, during the 1890s blacks were still judged and discriminated against. The problems of crime, underemployment and poverty were not because of the blacks, but because of the city itself and the people living in it. The city as a whole decides to view the blacks as a problem because they need someone to blame. African Americans want privileges just like everyone else, such as the right to vote, the right to receive an education and equality without people thinking they are a problem to the city or anyone. Du Bois studied all of the…show more content…
One of the Negro problems was crime and poverty and he realized that they over exaggerated it. Criminals are who they are because they have no money to survive, but the seventh ward wasn’t all made of criminals, it was very little amount. Another problem was the underemployment in the neighborhoods. Some blacks didn’t have jobs because of the competition between others and also because of the discrimination that was taking place. Even those who were highly educated and skilled were being refused a job. Living in a black neighborhood was a like a domino effect. Blacks weren’t allowed to have jobs because they were judged by their skin color, which can lead to them stealing and becoming criminals and eventually poverty occurs in the neighborhood which was highly exaggerated by everyone. The city is complaining of the “Negro problems” while contradicting themselves at the same
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