The Problems Facing Rwanda Today

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The ongoing problem in Rwanda is one that cannot be ignored. The amount of disease and lack of resources is outrageous. In the article, Major Problems Facing Rwanda Today, They talk about how the people have a problem with Malaria, Chollera, and Tuberculosis. These diseases are treatable and can be helped, but they don’t have the resources necessary to treat them and help get rid of it. They can’t afford the medicine or things they need to prevent them because they can barely afford to keep their families fed. These people can be helped by donating these things to prevent and treat people for the diseases that are spreading there. I believe that Rwanda can build a stable community with the right amount of help that they need to get themselves on their feet and gain the knowledge they need to stay there. My group and I made a website with links that you click on to send you to a website so you can buy these supplies that we then send over to Rwanda and try to help them as much as we can. We give about six different options that will either treat or prevent the diseases that are currently affecting the Rwandan population. Our goal is clearly stated on the page to express what we are trying to achieve. A Genocide is a mass murder that is deliberate, normally due to someone’s ethnic group. In the article, Genocide in Rwanda, it talks about how Rwanda went through a genocide in 1994 that was composed of the ethnic groups Hutu, Tutsi and the Twa. The genocide started when the plane carrying President Habyarimana, was shot down. The Hutu retaliated to the Tutsu for killing their president and on April 6, 1994, 800,000 men and women in Rwanda were murdered which totaled about 3 quarters of the Tutsi population and thousands of Hutu for o... ... middle of paper ... ...ated could be a good way to get the resources needed to help the people of Rwanda and build a stable community that they can build on and grow. If the website works, it’s a huge impact to Rwanda and possibly a future for the people that live there and a huge impact on their society. We have the resources that they need and we have a surplus of them that we can send over to make a huge impact. The resources that people can buy to send over would be very helpful and I think can be very helpful to the people there that are trying to raise families and makes a life for them and their families. We could even send over different volunteers from different parts of the medical field and help with the problems with the body. It’s a problem around the globe that we can help with and I think could be a great use of resources to help another country get back on their feet again.

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