The Problem with Marijuana

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The Problem with Marijuana

The use of marijuana should be regulated and taxed by the government, whether federal, state or local. That’s what governments are

for. It is a great mistake to allow the entire industry of marihuana, from beginning to end, to be conducted as a black market, without

any control or regulation. It is the role and function of government to regulate the traffic in any material that is deemed to be

hazardous in any way, and it is also the role of government to lead the way in the research of hazardous or controversial materials.

Education must be the pillar of any policy of control, not legal sanction.

To maintain the position that such a policy is useless, since the use of marihuana is to be stamped out in its entirety, is indefensible, not

only because it is a lost cause, but also because it is legally and politically without authority. It is an arbitrary and unprecedented abuse

of power to attempt to interfere with the way people want to live their lives.

The absolute depths of stupidity are reached when the response to a controversial material is to forbid any research on the subject. I

don’t understand. Certainly anyone can see that to forbid research on a controversial subject is just about the stupidest approach

imaginable. Perhaps the data on marihuana is flawed or incomplete or inadequate, but to date the overwhelming consensus of informed

opinion regards the dangers of marihuana as vastly overstated, and potential medical benefits possibly considerable. If this is not true,

and marihuana really is a dangerous drug, I certainly want to know, and I ask that research not only be allowed, but funded. I want to

know more about LSD too, while I am at it. Without any doubt, LSD is a ...

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...nd an ineffective and

very costly military opposition to marihuana cultivators would be laid to rest. If you want to play war games, go to Afghanistan.

In its place, the Government quietly moves onto the other side of the pay window, and instead of spending billions of taxpayers dollars

on a drug war (in which it turns out that about 98% of the takings are industrial hemp with no THC anyway, a crop which Canadian

farmers are once again allowed to farm for their profit), the Government starts collecting a tax that could not only fully fund the

education and research program mentioned above, but could replace the income tax, and retire the national debt into the bargain; and

all of this as a voluntary tax just like the lottery. If you don’t buy lottery tickets or smoke marihuana, you can enjoy a free ride, with all

expenses paid. The buses will run for free.
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