The Problem of Unemployment Among Immigrants to Canada

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“Welcome to Canada” Canadian government website have this tagline in their immigrants webpage. But does new immigrants really feel the welcome after coming here? According to statistic Canada- “in 2013, the total population’s unemployment rate in Canada was 5.9% where new immigrants’ unemployment rate was 11.2%.” Immigrants faces unemployment problem after coming in Canada. There are several reasons behind new immigrants’ unemployment problem in Canada. The reasons for new immigrants’ unemployment in Canada are, they have language barriers, credentials problem and lack of Canadian experience. After coming in Canada immigrants’ start facing language problems as English is not the first language for most of the immigrants. They also face credential problem as they have to evaluate their foreign certificates in Canada. Mostly immigrants’ remains unemployed because they don’t have Canadian experience which could get them a job in Canada.
Language barrier works against the new immigrants for getting a job in Canada. Author Chantal Grondin (2005) shows in his report that new immigrants gets less hired in Canada as they have lower level of English. He also mentions that immigrants between the ages of 25-40 are struggle to get a job in Canada because of their level of spoken English (Grondin, 2005). Immigrants who comes from a country where English is not a first language, faces problems in Canada as employers looking for people who can communicate in English. In Canadian immigration webpage a report has published which also indicates the language barriers is the biggest barrier for new immigrants to get a job in Canada (Employment, language barrier, key concerns of immigrants, 2012). Language barriers pre...

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...lso noticed that employers asks for Canadian experience in a one on one interview or through an agency. Employers also checked for the experience from résumé format or written conversation style and they reject them who does not have similar experiences. Statistics Canada has published a report in 2003which was edited in 2011 where it shows that “among 116,700 newcomers who looked for job in Canada, 70% of them said that their main barriers of getting a job is lack of Canadian experience” (Statistic Canada, 2003). To define the most common barriers that immigrants faces in Canada, statistics Canada has confirmed Canadian experience is the most difficult barrier as it does not make any sense.
In conclusion, the three problems that new immigrants’ faces in Canada to get an unemployment are their language barriers, credential problem and lack of Canadian experience.

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