The Problem of Poverty

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In the world there are at least one billion children that are living in poverty. There is at least three billion people in the world that live on less than $2.50. (Shah, 2013) Poverty can be seen everywhere around the world. Carl and Belanger (2012) states that poverty happens when the distribution of wealth is not equally divided between all groups of people. Poverty in Canada is defined as poor quality of food, sleeping in poor quality housing, parks, or city streets, and on a daily basis it is difficult to make decisions on what is best for you and your family. Living in poverty will decrease your life span and health, and could lead to criminal offenses just to stay alive. Aboriginal people, immigrants from other countries, people with disabilities, single parents especially women, and injured workers are more susceptible to living in poverty. (Canada without Poverty, 2014) Research has shown that living in poverty is not based on the failure of an individual, but the failure in the government and elite systems around them. When the political and economic systems do not provide employment wages or social assistance benefits, it makes it difficult for the individual to get out of poverty living. Also when the public policy does not provide affordable living, child care, or health and social services for the individuals, it can leave the individual still in poverty. Through conflict theory, sociologists can determine the causes and effects of poverty. (Carl/Belanger, 2012)
Carl and Belanger (2012) state that “conflict theory is a theoretical framework that defines society as a system of interrelated parts.” (pg. 8) Conflict theorists believe that we live in a world where there is not enough resources to go around and people who...

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...judge a person in poverty based on what we see on the outside. Sociologists around the world do research and come up with theories to help prevent increases in the poverty numbers. Theories are changing based on how society is today. Not all of the conflict theorist’s theories are relevant to today’s society because our society is different from when they first conducted their research. The ideas of these theorists have made a base of how society distributes its wealth and power unequally. In today’s society there is a capitalist society, but changes are being made to help poverty in Canada. (MacDonald, 1963) There are organizations that provide support and necessities to poor people. It is difficult for people living in poverty to make the change of getting out of it, but with the help of the government dividing the wealth poverty could be drastically decreased.
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