The Culture of Police Misconduct

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One person of the same group can easily influence another person, which in this case the emergence of the culture of police misconduct. There are many different theories explaining the causes of police officer attempting unlawful activities within the minority communities. Social dynamic is defined as the behavior of a given individual’s interaction that influences the group’s behavior. The role of one officer can influence the entire police force depending on the style of interaction with the public (William and Toch 1959). In a sociological approach explained by Dr. Worden quoted, “to better understand the concept of police brutality is the social influence between the encounter of authority and civilians” (William and Toch 1959:24). This sociological approach suggests that the social influence of one cop may influence the whole police group is one of the main causes of police brutality. For example, a head officer approach a minority citizen in an aggressive manner, then the other officer would think that it is right to adapt to that style of aggressive interaction which will create more potential problems of police brutality. Therefore, social dynamic plays a huge role in police misconduct because not every police officer is a good law enforcer.
The police-civilian interaction can negatively influence the other police officer, if the interaction is classified as police abuse based on economic inequality or racial discrimination. If more police officers adapt to the culture of what the society identify as police misconduct, then there will be more violence and brutality among the people of different economic social status, and or race. However, by understanding and correcting the social dynamic of police - civilian...

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...nd racial profiling is another fitting reason that police officer takes advantage of. From a series of research and valid statistics, African American encounters more police brutality than any other race. In addition, social influence between police and civilian’s interaction also contributes to the cause of police brutality. The social dynamic relationship between police officers and civilians need to be understood in order to limit police brutality. Overall, police officers are supposed to symbolize protection and the use of power to serve justice in a rightful manner. However, due to the many contributing factors of police brutality, the culture of police corruption is still a concurrent social problem that implicated injustice to our society. Police misconduct does not bring justice, but rather injustice to everyone, including the innocent of the public.
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