The Problem of Computer Crime

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In today’s society computers are everywhere, but when someone thinks of a computer they think of it as a way to make life easier. This is true computers have made our life a lot easier and some times harder. The area that computer have improved our life the most is in communication, now we can write talk and hold a video conference anywhere in the world in real time. However, with as many good things that computers bring, they also bring many bad things too. Just as there is, crime in the real world there is also crime in the computer world, most of it taken place on the Internet. Such as forgery, assault, fraud, and theft. Throughout this essay, I will talk about computer crimes and why you should not commit them.

I will warn the reads of this essay not to participate, support or commit computer crimes. In the computer world, there are many crimes, starting with hacking, cracking, and software piracy. These computer crimes don’t just hurt the person being attacked but they hurt everyone for the reason they lead to higher cost software to protect against such attacks. The type of software needed to protect against these crimes are anti-virus and firewall protection. With the right anti-virus software you can scan data that you want to download of any software some gives you, this will help you avoid getting a computer virus. Firewall protection is software that helps you keep unwanted people out of your system this is really good against cracker that want to destroy your system.

Hackers are people that for the most part try to break into a system to explore the boundaries and details of the system. They are the kind of people that like to see how far they can stretch the program before it breaks. That enjoyment that hackers get from doing this is the challenge and knowledge that they gain. However, hackers do sometimes cause a system to be damaged. They aren’t considered malicious terrorists, this term is reserved for crackers. But, hackers do get into system that they should not be in and this is an invasion of privacy.

Now we have crackers they are the most malicious computer terrorists out in cyberspace. These are the people who knowingly set out to disrupt or destroy computer systems. Most of the time a cracker’s motivations behind such crimes are revenge and/or profit.
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