The Problem of Computer Crime

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There are many different types of computer crime. I will start off with the most infamous and feared one, hacking. Hacking is what most people first think of when they think of computer crime. It is easy to find someone who knows someone affected by hacking, or even to find someone who, himself, has been a victim of hacking. Originally, hacking was not such a feared word. It used to be used to describe computer geniuses, who were looking to reach the most complex concepts that the computer world had to offer. However, a few black sheep, and the word is now used in a negative manner. Hacking is now commonly defined as someone breaking into or “cracking” into a computer system and causing much harm to that system. It also relates to those who explore code and attempt to do harm or steal that code. While the true definition of a hacker is someone who loves to explore, can theorize and program easy and well, and just is a plain expert, the world has been turned off to this term because of the malicious acts of few. ( Another type of computer crime is called, the “Trojan Horses”. This term refers to someone pretending to do a seemingly useful and desirable task, while in actuality they are performing a deceiving and deceptive act. An example of this is someone writing a seemingly harmless program, while the program really contains harmful code and data. There have even been programs that were “Trojan Horses”. These programs were supposed to search and find viruses, but the program turned out to be very harmful to those who used it. ( Viruses are commonly called “Trojan Horses”, as they usually disguise their true harm. Viruses are defined as a piece of programming code that can have devastating effects to one’s computer. Viruses are so dangerous because they can automatically be sent to another computer without one actually sending the program. Viruses most commonly come in an e-mail or attachment, a downloadable file, or on a CD-ROM or diskette. Most of the time, the source of the virus does not even know the virus is contained in the file or program. Some viruses must lie in wait until the computer does something to trigger the code into action.

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