The Problem With New Data By Jon Carroll

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The essay, “The Problem with New Data”, is written by Jon Carroll. In this essay he talks about the human behavior and how humans react differently with others. He explains how humans change their decisions quickly because they are weak. The purpose of this essay is to analyze how humans change their behavior toward certain things. Carroll argues that people belief and government pressure are the main reasons why people do not change their psychology and the way they think. Carroll points out these key points because these are the major issues of our society and what most people are having a hard time dealing with. He argues on the thinking and weaknesses of people and why they do not want to change those things. According to Carroll, there…show more content…
In article, Are You Stuck with a "Next-Step Mentality?" Donehower says, "You may be reluctant to go outside your areas of strength for fear you 'll get a low grade,". "But if you think one grade in one class will ruin your chances of admission, you 're doing yourself a disservice. Colleges look at a number of factors in addition to grades. Students often perceive requirements of colleges as much more stringent and narrow than they really are." This text proves how people think the world will end if they fail or do not get good grades in a class. Donehower tells us about those students who are stuck in a class have a fear of getting a lower grade. Those students only think about negative things and they do not want to increase their abilities by doing such things. That is what Carroll argues that people do not want to change their thinking because they are afraid. There is another example by Donehower and he says, "I know of many people in their late 20s who are unhappy in their careers and who regret that they didn 't pursue a wider range of interests while in college." We can find those people who will never be happy in their life even if they have everything. They still have regret with themselves and are stuck with their mentality. Those people are kind of psycho because they think a lot and that is why they cannot agree on one opinion. They get…show more content…
Those kinds of people are everywhere in the world and with the same habits. This topic matters because we need to fix this ourselves. This problem needs to be fixed because our disunity will destroy with nation. If this is not fixed, there will be an increase in crimes. People will fight and argue on little things with each other and violence will take place. The Government should unite those people and teach them lessons for unity. In this society we have to live by taking others opinion and advice. There ae also people who came from different regions with different point of views and opinions. They should talk with each other in a neighborhood and make themselves comfortable. That is how they can change their way of thinking. They also have to create the positive environment for those people who are stuck with their mentality. When those people will come to that environment, they will feel better and change themselves. It is a psychological fact that human needs more positive things to remain positive in a life. It is important to agree on one opinion because without this we are not a complete nation and it will separate us from the whole world. If we do not do this, we will be no longer be a strong nation. And the next generation will be ruin by us because we do not agree with each
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