The Problem With Bullying

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Bullying is something everyone has experienced in their life. Everyone retaliates to it differently. Some responses to bullying are positive and others are corrupt. There are more people involved with bullying than just the bully and the victim. There are also multiple forms of bullying and it can take place anywhere at anytime. The many definitions of bullying all seem to have one thing in common. They all mention one individual overpowering another. Long term effects of bullying can cause permanent damage to an individual.
Like adults who have repeated the cycle of child abuse, a child may also do the same with bullying. It is always a possibility that the victims of bullying may become the bullies themselves. Bullies often have challenges in their life that influence their behavior, causing them to torment someone innocent. Actually, a kid who bullies because they were bullied is a very common motive for bullying. A survey of 1,229 boys and girls asks, “Are you being bullied?”, “If so, how often?”, “Do you ever bully someone else?”, and “If so how often?”. Results of this survey shows that many of these students labeled themselves as both bullies and victims of being bullied. 58% says they never bullied and the rest of the percentage shows they did ( Why do children do this? Simply because they have been subjected to unfair cruelties by others or people in their families. This long term effect is repetition, which means kids will do to others what is done to them, and this causes permanent damage because not all kids will receive help for their conditions. As a result their lives may be ruined and they may even ruin somebody else’s.
Bullying involves more than just the bully and the victim. There are also the by...

... middle of paper ... The effect bullying had on her was permanent because she was very clearly able to describe what was done to her and how painful it was that her parents believed she was weird.
Blanco chose to respond to bullying in a more powerful light. Despite being depressed, she wrote down her story. She was able to get all of her many years of torment out and has spoken to multiple school students across the country about bullying and how powerful it can be. Even through her talks with school children, she gets emotional and cries at the thought of what she had been through in her life as a youth and adolescent. This shows that long term effects of bullying can cause permanent damage because even after all of Jodee Blanco’s success as a writer she still grew emotional referring to her past and when it came time to go to her high school reunion she was froze and nervous.
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