The Problem Of Violence And Violence

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I remember watching the news, hearing the same old thing on how violence is taking over the country, how bad the economy is and all the gossip in the media. At the end we all are used to watch the news and hear all about violence, nowadays violence is everywhere, we all experience it in some way or another and we all are affected by it. Violence it is been one of the number one causes of deaths worldwide. However, that particular day something was different, I could see the concern and sadness on the reporter. I was shocked when they announced Robin Williams’s death. I could not believe that he was dead. I sat down and listen to what the reporter was saying, I remember hearing her saying he committed suicide. Suicide? How could it be? He was a happy man, he had a family a wife and probably a lot of money. We all believe that celebrities have this wonderful life, they always look so happy that is hard to believe that they have any problems or issues at all. That was when I realize that life is hard for all of us, it does not matter if we are famous or not, we all have problems and we all suffer in different ways. He was not one of my favorite actors, actually I do not have a favorite one. However, on a really hard part of my life I remember watching one of his movies, that actually became one of my favorites and the one I will always remember him with it is called “What Dreams May Come.” I always pictured him like the guy in the movie, always looking at the bright side of life, this person with all this dreams, a person who make so many people laugh, cried or mad, but that was far for being truth. The reason behind him committing suicide was depression. It only took me a minute to realize that something that I thought it was only... ... middle of paper ... .... Being depressed does not mean that you are weak, and seek for help does not make you a bad person. On the contrary it makes you a better person because you want to be happy and have a good life. Depression always going to be a big part of our lives, but we need to remember that it is more dangerous than what we thought. Having general knowledge of the symptoms, and signals of depression could help you or someone that you know. If you are aware of this signals, you may be able to help people in need. There are millions of causes of depression, they are all different depending on the individual. However depression never changes, it is an illness that will affect your life if you let it. Keep yourself surrounded by people who loves you, family or friends. Stay positive, and do not hesitate to seek for help, maybe that will make a difference between living and dead.

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