The Problem Of Texting While Driving

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Have you ever gotten distracted while driving in a car? Each time you watch the news you either hear of someone getting into a car accident, by either talking or texting on a cell phone. It is becoming increasingly common for people to wreck due to distractions while driving. Talking and texting are just a couple ways that people get distracted while driving. Texting while driving has brought a lot of attention to state and local representatives due to an increase in accidents caused by distracted drivers. That’s why the organization Auto Alliance Driving Innovation created a poster saying “OMG! Get the message. Texting while driving is a deadly distraction”. The picture has a cracked glass with smeared blood on the side of it. This will grab the audience that this can happen at any time if you don’t pay attention to the road. I feel it is effective to present an argument and to influence the viewer in some way by the poster, especially with the ad’s caption “OMG”. In that case, there’s each of these instances that demonstrates the suggestive power of visual elements and the challenge of how visuals should function in my argument. One of the elements is use of color, which can contribute significantly to the visual appeal of an argument and move readers emotionally and imaginatively. The academic arguments use little color and quite often black and white only. The caption “OMG” and the blood smears are black and the rest has a contrast with white. Black and White is also quite often used for effect. The colors black and white makes a strong statement. The color reminds me of an old school or vintage looking poster. Even without image it has a huge explanation, which makes understandability very important. The c... ... middle of paper ... hand to drive with. If you are fully engaged in a conversation your emotions can change from one topic to another. It is never safe to drive while being upset about something. If you are fighting or having an important conversation while texting or talking on the phone, make sure to pull over and wait till it is over. One glance down at your phone even if only for 5 seconds can cause you to run a red light or hit into the car in front or behind you. Texting and talking is dangerous while driving and is not worth causing an accident. Overall, we are surrounded by visual arguments or attempts at persuasion. Images on television, advertisements, billboards, and some works of art fall into this category. The reason of the visual argument at the same time with humor is to trying to persuade you to do something, do not text while driving, or you will be killed.

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