The Problem Of Poverty And Poverty

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What It Means to be Poor in California Poverty is one of California’s biggest problems with the poverty percentage to be 23.8 percent according to an article from Los Angeles Daily News. When we think poverty we think about not being able to pay bills or afford everyday luxuries, but what are other effects of poverty? We fail to notice that those who live in impoverished neighborhoods are dying at an earlier age compared to most. Are diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart failure related to poverty or genetic? Poverty has been proven to have a direct correlation to diseases that can be found in both poor and rich families, but due to the lack of resources those who live in poverty are more likely to die earlier. Healthy eating decisions are a very important issue that America is trying to push onto its citizens. It’s difficult though with a McDonald’s around the corner, but you can just choose to not eat unhealthy. Switch those 10 pieces of McNuggets for a salad you can make at home. But, what if you didn’t have a grocery market that sold fresh produce nearby? What if those fast food chains were your only source of food? “Poor people are more likely to have unhealthy habits because fast food and cigarettes are abundant and cheap in their neighborhoods, and healthy alternatives tend to be limited (Epstein, “Enough to Make You Sick”).” Although the healthier alternative is to buy vegetables at your local market, those who are poor cannot afford it. There’s also the factor that those who are poor spend most of their time at work and have no time to cook a healthy meal, so a meal at McDonald’s would be a faster and cheaper choice. We’ve all heard from doctors that eating at fast food places will affect your health negatively... ... middle of paper ... ...ple in these families who had health problems, 12 told me that they felt better in significant ways -- either their symptoms were less severe so that they no longer required hospitalization, or they were taking less medication (Epstein, “Enough to Make You Sick”). From my own personal experience, I can confirm that the change of environment can affect your health. Growing up in two different, poor neighborhoods fast food chains were no stranger to me and the other children. You’d have to pass a few liquor stores in order to get to the public library. My mother would text me to be careful whenever I went out alone. When we finally moved to a nicer neighborhood, I could tell her fear of me being out had diminished. There are a couple of stores that sell fresh produce and they are walking distance from our home. There’s even a Whole Foods that we go to once in a while.

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