The Problem Of Poverty And Homelessness

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When I was younger poverty and homelessness seemed like such far out terms. I didn’t understand how someone didn’t live in a house with four walls and a roof over their head. When I thought about poverty, I always pictured third world countries most of the time. Especially due to the commercials of these places with the children crying, wearing scraps of cloth, and having to drink polluted water. In regard to homelessness, I had the views that usually appear in movies, disheveled people on the streets who have drug and alcohol problems. As I grew up I started to notice how each person has an important role in society, but I couldn’t see what their role could be. In school we didn’t really talk about these people either so I assumed they weren’t really apart of society. My parents combatted that with teaching us the ‘golden rule’ and treating others how you would want to be treated. There are some instances that they gave some money to these people. Since I had the views from what I saw on TV. I thought they would go spend it on drugs or alcohol. I remember asking my mom why give them money if they are going to spend it on those things. She said that that is not for me to worry about and that we do it because it’s the right thing to do. With poverty and homelessness, I knew it happened here in the states as well, but I didn’t think it was as relevant as it is. You don’t really here about these things unless you’re apart of a specific organization (Salvation Army, Safehouse, Valley Rescue, etc.). However, why is that the way it is? Why are we not offering more services to try and help the people in our community? We even have great organizations who are trying to help these people, but can’t get the necessary funds. When I first l... ... middle of paper ... ... whole bus to go silent and it didn’t help when she said if he wants something he needs to get a job. I couldn’t sit quiet anymore while she talked about this man. I confronted her as well as another player because it isn’t as simple as getting a job. This just showed me how as a society we easily label and criticize people who we view as beneath us. When you think about children in or schools dealing with poverty and homelessness you often hear about the achievement gap. Children in our schools are having to deal with an extensive unideal home life and come to school. With the issues of not knowing where you’re going to be after school, which shelter, or where your next meal comes from students have a lot on their plate. With that being said, they aren’t worried about learning to read or any other skills. However, we still have to reach and teach those students.

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