The Problem Of Illegal Immigrants

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There are two types of immigrants. Those who go through the proper channels to become a legal residents, and those who cross our borders illegally. The issue we have here in America is the illegal immigrants want or take benefits away from our own citizens who are also in need. Our country has gotten away from taken care of our own citizens due to the number of illegal immigrants our system is funding. This is becoming a bigger problem than anyone can handle, and not sure if there are just ignoring the problem, or if our government is oblivious to the situation. Our government needs to make taking care of our own a priority. The poverty level of our country keeps growing as more and more citizens have less resources available to them. Some Americans may not have any issues with us helping illegal immigrants, but those are the Americans that are not fighting for those same resources. We have always been known as a country that helps others in need, but our own issues should come first and foremost. Some people believe that America is considered the melting pot of the world, that illegal immigrants can home here and stay here; but if immigrants want to live in our country they should follow the steps to do so. The current controversy is do we allow them to stay, or should they be deported to their original country. The Press Secretary states ”America’s undocumented immigrants accounts for nearly 5 million people in our system.”(White House) The American Government is trying to work with Congress to achieve a bill that will replace and fix the current system.The Government needs to filter through the long and drawn out process for an immigrants to become legal. “We have become the world of technology, and should upgrade to a user f... ... middle of paper ... ...t you can never become an actual citizen. The third layer does lead to citizenship eventually first you start off with immigrant status and after passing an english fluency exam a regular green card is earned and soon after meeting the citizen requirements that are already in place citizenship will be earned. Each plan has a variety of outcomes but the great thing about this plan is that each illegal immigrant can choose which one works best for them! After researching both sides of this issue have their problems Donald Trump wants to build a huge wall and Congress is probably going to give amnesty in the near future just based on the history of our country. Illegal immigration has been and most likely will be an ongoing fight in the United States, there is no perfect solution to any political problem but hopefully someone comes up with something half way decent.
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