The Problem Of Human Trafficking Is A Worldwide Problem

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What can be done in 30 seconds? Tie a shoe? Send a text? Miss a turn? Fall victim to human trafficking? The answer to all of these is, yes. In fact, every 30 seconds someone somewhere will fall victim to human trafficking. That is 1,051,200 people a year who will disappear into the trafficking realm. Human trafficking is a worldwide problem. The silence needs to be broken and society needs to be exposed to the trauma victims have experienced from this grisly crime in order to impact reachable solutions.
Human trafficking is classified as a grave violation of human rights and is defined through three elements. “The Act” or what is done to “recruit” the person. “The Means” or how the person is recruited; through force, coercion, abduction, etc.
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Human trafficking has a lasting effect on its victims this can be proven through their testimonies. Meet Ashly, after a fight with her mom, 12 year old Ashly went to stay the night at her friend’s house. However, her friends’ older brother had different plans. He locked Ashly in a room and posted sex ads of her online. Ashly was trapped and abused minutes from her house for years. She can even recall seeing her mother out a window posting missing girls ads and not being able to call out to her in fear she would be killed. Although Ashly was eventually able to escape from her pimp, she still has to live in a treatment center to aide her. (BreakTheseChains). Another victim was 13year old Maria Elena. She was smuggled into the United States and held in a trailer with other girls under 24 hour watch. Maria and the other girls were gang raped and forced to have sex with up to 30 men a day. When or if the girls ever became pregnant they were forced to abort and continue prostituting. Maria eventually was arrested along with her traffickers when law enforcement found the trailer. 16 year old Mauri was also another victim who was prostituted on the streets of Hawaii and severely beaten by her pimp. Mauri’s pimp threatened to kill her family if she ever tried to leave him; for this reasons Mauri didn’t escape for years. “The longer you stay the less hope you have.” Mauri tells after she was found by law enforcement. (BreakTheseChains). The last victim is Annie Lobert. Annie was a trafficking victim for over 10 years and still struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). “I was unable to get out of the game until I over dosed on cocaine. I realized then, something had to give.” Annie shares. (Hookers4Jesus). The victim’s testimonies show how difficult getting out of sex trafficking is and also the effects it has on people. The women who have been in rings and forced to
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