The Problem Of Evil, And The Belief Of God

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The Problem of Evil, and its role in the belief in God For hundreds of years, many philosophers have found themselves left with the uncertainty on a very simple question; “Does God exist?” and if God does or doesn’t exist how can one prove as such. Many arguments from the wording of the question to arguments from analogy are often discussed, but this essay will be centered on the argument of The Problem of Evil, which states a valid argument against the belief in God from the existence of many forms of evil presented in the world. Sober states that the Problem of Evil is, “If God were to exist, then that being would be all-powerful, all-knowing and all-good (all PKG, for short). If an all-PKG being existed, then there would be no evil. There is evil. Therefore, there is no God,” (Sober, 2013). Written in the argumentative form of reductio ad absurdem, the argument makes the assumption of assuming the opposite thing to prove ones argument. Using this argumentative form leads to a weak argument; in this essay, the weak argument is against the belief in God. The terms omniscient, omnipotent and omnibenevolent used to describe God, proves that God knows of all evil, that He is powerful enough to destroy evil and that He despises evil, but does that truly mean that there would be no evil in the world that we currently live in? In short, the answer is no. A “PKG” being can coexist with evil. The terminology to describe God as powerful, knowledgeable and good are words created by finite minds. What defines all power, would mean that God can control his own power and can dispense it at his own free will. Knowledge grants one a greater understanding of everything around them but the finite minds of mortals may not have a greater understand... ... middle of paper ... ...e God can have PKG properties. The concept of evil in the world is a difficult concept to understand and reason with because its lessons are learnt afterward, like a young child after touching a hot surface, for which they learn the concept of hot and pain. The value of learning something afterward is beneficial for everyone, it can teach appreciation, empathy and strength to assist people in leading lives with purpose. The Problem of Evil presents itself as a weak argument against the belief in God. With the ability to attribute evil and its existence to multiple causes such as soul-building evil and to free will, an omniscient, omnibenevolent and omnipotent God can coexist with evil. The power of control, the knowledge of its existence and how to act for ultimate utility and the good nature of freedom, reasons why God can hold its acclaimed title as a “PKG” being.
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