The Problem Of Drug Addiction

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While Andrew continued to grow up in his parent’s house, ups and downs continued to escalade. The constant fighting and drinking involved between his parents provided an unwell scene for Andrew his entire childhood and teenage years. Some of the fights included physical abuse instead of mental and emotional abuse. A time came when Andrew gave up and stopped caring. Moving on to better things was Andrew’s priority, but the better things were not better in the end. When Andrew turned 14 years old, life changed dramatically due to his lack of care over life. Drugs began to take control over Andrew’s life. Starting with the popular marijuana until reaching high doses of heroin and crack cocaine. Andrew’s way of coping with an abusive household was doing drugs to relief pain and anger built up inside. Heroin and crack took over Andrew’s life. Continuing the addiction' class='brand-secondary'>drug addiction overwhelms Andrew, his friends, and his family. Worrying about Andrew remains a constant fear for everyone. Interventions and rehab have been a continuance the past 5 years, but nothing will make Andrew give up drugs. Unfortunately, the drug addiction has given multiple downfalls in Andrew’s life and continue to put him down every day.
Drug addiction consists of consuming drugs or alcohol over again to take over a person’s mind set. Addictions usually results in relapse or using drugs again after being clean for a period of time. In today’s world, drug addiction has increased dramatically and more people continue to consume the harmful toxins in the body. A few types of drugs result in marijuana, heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, and crystal meth. the affects drug addiction has on the brain and body formations remains as one of the biggest problems with addiction. Fam...

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...ces high all the time was a typical day for Ann. Without the care of others, her addiction grew stronger and heavier on a daily basis, where she overdosed several times. Now with the scare of dying, Ann’s family and friends finally reacted and provided support and love towards sobering up. While the family developed multiple interventions and rehab facility opportunities towards Ann, she would not accept until one person asked her. Ann’s little brother Brant, drew a picture and asked her to become a better person. Life changed for Ann at this moment where she accepted rehab and then moving away from Connecticut to escape her past experiences. Today Ann has successfully obtained a sports medicine degree and lives happily with her husband Nate. Without the support, rehab, and counseling provided towards her addiction, Ann could have been in a much worse place in life.

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