The Problem Of Cheating By Colleen Wenke

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That stomach churning feeling of guilt for many seems to appear as a small price to pay when completing an act of academic dishonesty. Colleen Wenke wrote an essay on cheating eighteen years ago called “Too Much Pressure”. In the past fifty years, the number of students who admit to cheating has increased fifty to seventy percent(Gaffe). Many people wonder what leads the students to make this unjust decision. Today, the reason for a rise in cheaters is because of how easy it has become, leading many students to the false conclusion that they aren’t breaking any rules; It is simply viewed as a shortcut to success in the classroom and beyond. Hundreds of programs, websites, and devices have been made across the digital world allowing cheaters to break school rules easily, promoting the idea that if copying work and not getting caught was easy, than it could not be such a large violation of the school. Although the creation of the internet has solved millions of problems, it has also come with some major complications. The internet possesses such a multitude of information that the amount of websites targeted at students who wish to cheat has become a large problem. If cheating becomes a daily activity when completing classwork or tests, a student might “start to blur the ethical boundaries”(Flemming), forgetting or not caring how fatal their actions have become. If people believe that many others have gotten away with academic dishonesty, they won’t feel as though it is wrong. With the internet at hand, cheating has expanded quickly, leading to more students thinking it is acceptable.A technology savvy student might believe, “cutting and pasting a few sentences at a time from the internet” is innocent but in truth, it defines plagi... ... middle of paper ... ...wrong. Academic dishonesty is indeed wrong, no matter what way one justifies it. As Colleen Wenke described, having leaders who cheated their way to the top is not the way a society should be run. The public needs people who learned the material and understood it instead of those who were sneaky enough to go under a supervisor’s radar. Those who worked hard to get grades that they deserve should be the ones to become successful in their lives, not just because they earned it but because they are needed to advance human knowledge. Hopefully, because of the research currently being done on why students cheat, people will find solutions to make the world a more truthful place. Students cheat because they are unable to comprehend that it is wrong, especially when there is modern technology, school curriculum, and a lack of effort put in by the schools to catch students.

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