The Prison System: The Phases Of The Criminal Justice System

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From Witches and Warlock to Cowboys and Indian the imprisonments have deemed a necessity to maintain control over society. The rise in imprisonment has created a complex system known as the prison industrial complex. Today, advocates call for change in some social justice the criminal justice system. “The phases of prisonzation … are the influences which breed or deepen criminality and antisocialist and make the inmate characteristic of the criminalistics ideology in the prison community.” Clemmer. D (1940 )
Did you know there are more people behind bars for drug offenses in the United States than there are in prison for all crimes in England, France, Germany and Japan combined?
The Smoking Gun
The government has a tendency to focus on behaviors and criminalize those who act out in such un-orthodox ways. The system creates victimless crimes by creating strict laws. The laws may include any laws banning victimless behaviors, such as possession of drugs, solicitation. A prime example, America currently has over 1 million people behind bars for victimless crimes. Many have argued the fact of the matter is that these criminals only lose their freedom and not actually protect others. Others want to legalize these so called victimless crimes. Many people commit an illegal act of violence or victimization due to exterior conditions. Another prime example, if someone had to steal to feed their family one day. Almost anyone would go through extreme measures to ensure that their family has food. If they cause no more danger than the average person, but committed a one-time crime due to external circumstances does that mean we need to throw that person in jail or prison?
Prison History
Prisons were practically nonexistent before the 17...

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...upreme Court made a landmark decision in Brown v. Plata last month, they declared that the degrading and inhumane conditions in California’s grossly overcrowded prisons are unconstitutional. Brown v. Plata was as much a political statement as a legal one.
Society in whole has sought for this reform process and may at hand be the cause of the government’s strict laws which has caused the overcrowding. Here in the state of Minnesota the women prison which house min through max inmates does not have a fence around it. There are people who live about a mile or more from there who rather have no fence due to property value decrease. In the state of Minnesota they have change the policy it is now pay to stay in all correctional structures. There are rarely in face to face visitations unless there are children involved, instead the system now use video communications.

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