The Print Revolution: The Invention Of The Printing Revolution

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i. AGD: “Printing made it possible for the mass production of identical copies which could be distributed widely amongst people separated geographically as well as historically…it also allowed opportunities for future scholars, literary men, or scientists to be able to study, compare, and synthesize this knowledge and come up with their own theories”, quoted from ii. Connect: Everyone in this room has grown up in an age where we take books, as well as other print media, for granted. Few of us understand the impact that the invention of the printing press had on society and our ability to communicate with one another. iii. Establish Impact: Before the invention of the printing press, only officials and elites of the upper class had access to books. At…show more content…
This “movable type” printing press made it possible for books to be printed not only much more quickly than before, but more inexpensively as well. With this new technology, books became more common and more diverse. Most importantly, people began to read and write again. *Transition- The invention of Gutenberg’s printing press changed everything. In fact, the invention is what brought civilization out of these “Dark Ages” and into the Pre-Industrial Period that is often referred to as the “Renaissance”. The Printing Revolution i. According to, “in Renaissance Europe, the arrival of mechanical movable type printing introduced the era of mass communication, which permanently altered the structure of society. The relatively unrestricted circulation of information and (revolutionary) ideas transcended borders, captured the masses in the Reformation, and threatened the power of political and religious authorities”. ii. Before this invention, people only knew what they were allowed to know. Now, they could learn for themselves and come to their own conclusions. In addition, scientists and other educated individuals could now share their discoveries and ideas and compare them with
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