The Princess Bride Screenplay

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495 words

William Goldman made a number of changes in the development of The Princess Bride screenplay. The changes Goldman were not subtle, because when you transform a book into a movie there are major adaptations that must be made for a movie to be successful. The changes may affect the quality of the movie in comparison to the novel. This report is going explain the three most significant changes and how these affected our view and appreciation of the story. The most significant difference between the book and the movie, was that the narrative parts of the book which display the character's thoughts were removed. The book describes what the characters where feeling and thinking, which brought us closer to them. When we know what the character feels and thinks, the story becomes a three-dimens...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that william goldman made a number of changes in the development of the princess bride screenplay.
  • Compares the book and the movie, stating that goldman had no way to tell us what the character was all about, and that the director should have expressed the characters thoughts into words.
  • Analyzes how the zoo of death was one of the main places where the characters interacted, and how prince humperdinck was obsessed with killing and hunting animals.
  • Opines that goldman should have filmed a younger inigo battling the count to make the movie more interesting and comical.
  • Opines that goldman should have thought about what his audience wanted to see, not what was easier for him to produce and direct.
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