The Princess Bride Film Analysis

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YaMarie Koroma Mr. Brammer English 10 Period: 2 1/10/2016 The Princess Bride Film Review The mix of genuine charm, romance, memorable characters, dialogue and scenes makes The Princess Bride, directed by Rob Reiner, stand out from any hero’s journey movie. In the movie, it framed as a story told by a grandfather (Peter Falk) to his sick, skeptical Grandson (Fred Savage). The hero’s journey starts with a man named Wesley (played by Cary Elwes) who is a normal farm boy who works for Buttercup (played by Robin Wright) and her family on a farm. The call to adventure starts when Westley leaves the farm to seek his fortune in America. Westly’s ship gets attacked and Buttercup is forced to marry Prince Humperdinck (played by Chris Sarandon). Westley is his own mentor in the story. There is no refusal of the call to adventure when Buttercup gets kidnapped by the enemies named Fezzik (Andre the Giant), Vizzini (Wallace Shawn), and Inigo (Mandy Patinkin), who turn into allies toward the end of the movie to stop the “mawwiage” save Buttercup from getting married to Humperdinck. The movie carries out the Hero’s Journey in a comedic, almost satirical way, which keeps people entertained.…show more content…
Robin Wright does a great job playing as the feisty, tomboyish Buttercup, Billy Crystal plays the role as “Miracle Max” the yiddish wizard. Wallace Shawn plays his role well as the gleefully wicked leader Vizzini. Andre the Giant does a good job as Fezzik, the strongest man alive, who is the large-hearted, obedient Giant who accompanies Vizzini. Mandy Patinkin, as Inigo Montoya the best fencer on earth, deserves special mention however. Patinkin's performance is especially touching. Inigo is the one character in the film who contains real emotional depth, whose character can make you laugh, cry and cheer at throughout the
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