The Prince And Machiavelli Analysis

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Being a manager or assistant manager is hard work. You are required to lead, set good examples, discipline when necessary, do assorted paper work, hiring, coming up with ideas to better time management and so on. All in all a manager is responsible for maintaining control and administering direction of the business. Like many things political and social theory relate to such workplace responsibilities and situations. Political theory is defined as the study of concepts and principles that people use to evaluate things. Social theory is defined as the frame work of society. Machiavelli, author of the Prince, and Durkheim, author or the Anomie and the Modern Division of Labor, are two different theorists whose ideas can be applied to a manager’s day to day job setting. In one day a manager can experience an assortment of any one of the skills that are required of them in which Machiavelli will be able to point out why it is necessary to do some of these things and giving explanation to why managers should do the things they do like expressing authority and why they act the way they do in order to maintain respect among employees. Durkheim’s theory will point out that in order for a manager to work efficiently they must have all the functioning tools such as team members and employees. While Machiavelli and Durkheim’s views differ from each other they point out common theories such as the way a manager should express authority, the necessity of being feared instead of loved, and the properly working structural functions in order for the whole business to work properly. As a manager maintaining a degree of authority is extremely important in order for a business to run properly. Authority is defined as a person who has a sp... ... middle of paper ... the business as whole. In order for a business to properly function three working theories from Machiavelli and Durkheim are pointed out through expressed authority, the love/ hate relationships, and the structural functions. Machiavelli points out the importance in maintaining an expressed authority. He also expresses that with this authority the love/ hate relationships would be complicated. The manager needs to maintain a relationship with employees; however, this relationship should not be formed from hate and more from fear in order to maintain a certain amount of authority and control over said employees. Durkheim’s structural function paradigm points out that without team work or properly working ‘organs’ the ‘body’ (business) begins to fail. These three theories help provide an understanding to the political and social views of a working business.
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