The Price of the War

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The Price of the War The Ethnic Albanians and the Serbian religions have been fighting for centuries between religion and border disputes. The Serbian religion is one as the Catholicism in that it has an orthodox for it's leading religious ceremonies and in the orthodox there is its Archbishop, Bishops, Fathers, Priests, and Saints. Where on the other hand the Ethnic Albanians from Kosovo are Christians who believe that their god is the uprising one who will save all. The Serbian empire in Yugoslavia has a powerful leader on their side named Slobadan Milosevic; he to a Serb, wants no part with the Albanians from Kosovo except to rid of them all. He has sent many Albanians on "long hellish train rides to the out skirts of the Kosovo borders." ( Denis et Al 30) For many years since the Serbs have been the dominating religion, over powering the Albanians. "The Serbs have totally depopulated cities such as Pristina and Pec." (Denis et Al 30) Those who did not want to leave their homes were either killed or deported with no way of returning back to Kosovo. Milosevic has had a plan of mass genocide and or exportation of the Ethnic Albanians from Kosovo for purposes of expanding Yugoslavia and to rid the kosovars like Hitler's plan for the Jewish religion. Sometime in late march the Ethnic Albanians made a cry for help. Not only did we, the United States, hear it but so did NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). Both of us formed together with Great Britain and Italy to form a strong secure bond in order to help return the Albanians back to their home land in Kosovo. On March 23, 1999 the United States and NATO addressed their public that they were to strike the Serbian Army with forceful air tactics in Kosovo on March 24th, 1999. In fact we did that. Exactly six PM central standard time the United States launched their first missile on a Serbian Air base inside of Kosovo. From that day on until the present day of today May 18th, 1999 the U.S. Armed Forces and NATO has bombed Milosevics' army and armed buildings in and through out Kosovo. Although cost is a major issue in the Kosovo crisis, the United States' involvement in Kosovo should commence for
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