The Prevention and Misconceptions of Sucide

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The natural end of every human life is death. Some people, for unknown reasons, choose to end their own lives. Suicide is the action of killing oneself intentionally. Suicide kills more than one million people per year. People who are suicidal are often misunderstood as people who cannot be helped or who are just crazy. Others often think that suicidal individuals will be suicidal regardless how others treat them (both positively and negatively). Although, the truth is not all suicide can be prevented but most can. Suicide may be avoided though knowing the warning signs, school interference and going through therapy.
Although, to rational people suicide never fixes anything but, to suicidal individuals it is the only way of escaping their problems. Non-suicidal individual will never truly understand the reasons behind the person who commits suicide. Someone who is not suicidal will not understand the feeling of complete and total isolation and complete hopelessness; due to this non-suicidal individuals can never understand why they would much rather end their own lives. Many suicidal people are deeply depressed and although they may seem okay on the outside in the inside they are being tormented by depression. The biggest part of depression is thinking illogically. This causes the person to focus more on subjects that will keep them depressed; this will eventually lead to suicidal thought or actions (Grohol). Suicide is caused from untreated depression. There are always reasons behind someone committing suicide and it is extremely rare that someone will commit suicide for no reason (Caruso).
Detecting someone with suicidal tendencies can be a bit tricky however, there five main common misconceptions about suicide; the first one i...

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...nd he again reiterates for the person thinking of committing suicide to seek help (Adelfson).
In America alone, an average of one person every thirteen minute commits suicide. Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death among adults and the third leading cause of death for teens. Knowing the warning signs, school interference and going through therapy can help decrease these suicides. One should notify the police immediately if they know someone who is suicidal. Also, as previously mentioned, knowing the warning signs, notifying authority, and seeking therapy and help are important. To further address the problem of suicide, schools need to work with youth at a younger age. Also parents should aim to communicate more often and honestly with their children to maintain a healthy relationship that will prevent emotional problems from developing into severe dangers.