The Prevention and Control Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Tuberculosis in Viet Nam

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Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) or Acquired Immune Disease Syndrome (AIDS) and Tuberculosis (TB) are two of public health threats that havehave effected on multidisciplinary fields in Vietnam since 1990s. This review will describe the overview of these disease burdens and point outout the applied approaches in Vietnam over 20 years. HIV/AIDS prevention and control Since the first case of HIV/AIDS was detected in Vietnam in 1990, HIV has been rapidly spreading across the country. By 2012, HIV cases has been reported in all 63 provinces/cities. In 1990, the National AIDS Committee was established; under the direction of the Party Executive Committee, a Short-Term Plan (1989-90) and Medium-Term Plan (1991-93) on HIV/AIDS were first adopted, and then developed into the National Strategic Plan for Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS (1994-2000) in 1993. In 2005, the Prime Minister approvedd to establish the Viet Nam Administration of HIV/AIDS Control (VAAC). Implementing Directive 54-CT/TW dated on 31/11/2005 on the new National Strategy on HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control until 2010 with a vision to 2020, all provinces and cities have set up Steering Committees to governance local HIV/AIDS prevention and control actions (Viet Nam, A. I. D. S. (2012). Therefore, HIV/AIDS prevention and control activities have been incorporated into highlighted target tasks in all levels. Also, being aware of the importance of HIV/AIDS epidemic, the National Assembly and the People’s Committee have been proactive in allocating budgets to ensure stable funding, human resources and materials resources to create sustainable development of HIV/AIDS programs. In addition, both international bilateral and multilateral agencies have offered a large amoun... ... middle of paper ... ...ired Immune Disease Syndrome ARV Antiretrovial BCC Behaviour Change Communication CDC Centers for Disease Control, USA DOTS Directly Observed Treatment Short-course FSW Female sex workers GLC Green Light Committee HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus IEC Education and Communication KNCV KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation MDR-TB Multidrug-resistant TB MICS4 Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys NSP Needle and Syringe Program NTP National Tuberculosis Program PLHIV People living with HIV PMDT Programmatic Management of Drug-resistant TB SAVY National Survey on Adolescents and Youth in Viet Nam from 14-25 years old TB Tuberculosis UNAIDS Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS VAAC Viet Nam Administration of HIV/AIDS Control WHO World Health Organization XDR-TB Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

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