The Prevention Of Accidental Injuries

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Every child around the world matters and has immense value. Safechilds is a campaign that enacts to aid to ensuring equal safe physically, and emotionally. Spreading awareness and educating gardens is our goal in the prevention of unintentional injuries from unsafe conditions. We also pride our selves in the prevention of unintentional injuries. Accidental injuries leading cause of death of children. The act of keeping children safe is prominent in their life to increase life expectancy. Accidental injuries are more than just what happens on the playground with crapes and bruises. Unintentional injuries often are present from vehicles, drowning, suffixion, poisoning, fires, falls and from sports. Although we are aware that we can’t keep our child in a bubble and there is no prevention of all scrapes and bruises, but we can bring awareness of injuries that can cause severe injuries or even death. Most unintentional injuries occur in the most crucial time of child development from age one on. Studies have shown age-related charges in terms of motor abilities throughout physical development be a factor leading to injuries. An example of this would be, a child’s fine and gross motor skills developing be correlated to the probability of unintentional injury. Gross motor skills include stability in walking, running, and output of strength in the child’s arms. Children that demonstrate fine motor skill development being able to use nicer grasp in ways such as using scissors, knives and assembling zippers. These skills present an increased ability but should be under immense supervision. A child way very well unplug a lamp wrong which could lead to electrocution. A child is susceptible to putting poisonous materials in their mouth th... ... middle of paper ... ... 15 times more developed. (Berk. P.223) This campaign is designed to influence residents by educating the ways risks can be reduced. The long term effects that Safechilds will have on child safety will cause childhood injures in all communities to be lowered substantially. The United states is among the first half of the countries around the world for the most unintentional injures (Berk, P. 222). With this campaign our goal is to reduce deaths from injuries and spread awareness of this harmful drawback. These injuries are preventable and we need the help of the society to help in the out bring of awareness so that children all over the country are safe. All life has value and the right for safe living conditions so they can achieve maximum potential. We dedicate ourselves to helping as many communities as physically possible in order for children to live in a safe

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