The Presidential Election : Presidential Race

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Many emotions swirl after the election this past november with both side stressing their emotions from the fallout from the election. The grand spectacle that is the presidential race brings out a state of hyphen emotions in everyone, for the main reasoning of the fact that the president in a really personal and and general thing for people to do. Getting overly attached is fairly easy to do and can lead to not seeing the faults within the candidate but this presidency served as a unique moment in american history because we had a choice between electing a the richest president or the first female president. But with both candidates there are their upsides and downsides that incomapses both of their campaigns and their persons that help us to make are decision for presidents. With most if not all the country having a major reaction on either side of the spectrum with hypocrisy on both sides being put front and center by many media outlets. And in order to gain understand a minor consensus on what a small portion of america feels or rather how they view the election and its results. So i went out to ask some people within the campus of suny campus a place where people are formin gathering and starting to form their own ideals on what their politically about. Talked to a man name matthew and asked him on his opinion on the election and how he felt on the outcome and everything that lead up to that point, he answered with much frustration on the hyten state of hysteria over things that seem to have started to die sparked back up with the help from from a man he explained to be as demagogue that 's causing the complete divid within the nation, but his opposition has not been better or equally as good getting people energi... ... middle of paper ... ...nding people 's opinion on this recent elections doesn 't leave us in an unfixing predicament there are many outlets that can help you influence change within the country. The time since the election america has been in a very difficult spot for many years when it comes to understanding each other and different marginalized groups, and the 2016 elections help remind many people oi fact that america is still in a place of turmoil but there is still hope that many people who live within america will come together and turn it into what i could be. The main factor of 2017 is to try and stop trump and his regime from impeding within many americans rights and to stop him from from destroying the plant or destroying the economy, and the main point on it is that as a nation we do it together because as long as we 're divided it will be fundamentally easier to control us.
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