The Presidency and Democracy

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The Presidency and Democracy To evaluate the position of the president, the concept of democracy must first be considered. Most Americans simply assume that the United States is a democracy. However, before such an assumption is made it is wise to understand the common definition of the word democracy. The Random House College Dictionary defines democracy as, “Government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.” Does the United States fit this definition? Moreover, how does the role of the president affect the United States’ claim to democracy? From a broad perspective the United States does indeed fit the definition of a democracy. The citizens of the United States continuously chose agents to represent them in government. Of the three branches of government that the United States has all the members of two are chosen this way. However once a individual is elected to office the general public looses a good deal of its authority over that person’s actions. This abuse of the democratic system reaches as far up as the presidency. The president is supposed to be a servant to the people, exercising their wishes and fulfilling their goals. This is not always the case. After examining the actions of some of the modern presidents it is evident that the president can be a hindrance to democracy as well as a supporter. One of the most blatant, yet rarely noticed by the public, abuses of the democratic system occurs during presidential campaigns. This is when presidential candidates make promises in their campaign, that when elected to office that abandon. The reaso... ... middle of paper ... ...y to many of them. With his message of truth was also a message of hope and his frankness inspired the people to trust him. It is a president’s duty to keep the public informed about the country and his ideas. Many times by informing the people truthfully a president can gather support for his plans. The president and the people working together is the only way for a democracy to truly exist in the United States. It is important that the president’s power be tempered by the ideals of the democracy. Whether or not the president feels that his actions are justified because of circumstances he must always consider the will of the people as his driving force. The presidency can not be evaluated with out taking into account our democratic government and likewise the democracy can not be judged without considering the role and influence of the president.

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