The Presidency: The Power Of The Presidency

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Do you know some of the amazing responsibilities the President has? The Presidency was established in 1789. The first President was Georg Washington and our current one is Barack Obama. The President is the highest public and political leader. He can sort of steer America by influencing congress to side with him on most issues he faces while running the country as Commander-in-chief. The President is in charge of foreign affairs which means he is in charge of the generals who lead the army. He can sign orders for more troops to be sent to a warzone without congressional approval. Troops can also be recalled from war zones without consent. The President can sign treaties but they have to be approved in the senate first. Our President is sometimes referred to as our Diplomat-in-Chief. He occasionally visits countries that are our biggest allies. He appoints ambassadors to certain countries, he also appoints the secretary of state who is in charge of our ties to other countries. The Secretary of State is one of the cabinet members who help give advice to the president on controversial and difficult problems or issues. The President can pass an executive agreement which is an agreement…show more content…
Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Harry Truman redefined the office and some of its powers by the way they were setting priorities and responding to disasters throughout a war or national disaster, a good example of this is the economic depression during the 1930s. Tomas Jefferson secretly sent a representative to France where he would later buy the land to the west of the United States even with the lack of constitutional power to do so. The President’s power grew rapidly when President Lincoln used extraordinary force to win the war. The great depression convinced many people to increase the federal government’s role in the economy and Franklin Roosevelt received a huge amount of
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