The Presentation Of Talbiyah In Mecca

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A prayer called talbiyah is recited repetitively at arrival in Mecca, which according to Maqsood is “the answer to the divine call to come.” In this, the individual in solidarity with the umma fulfill the pillar of Salat, whilst also professing their utter faith in god and thus in tawhid. • “I beg You to accept me, and grant me Your complete forgiveness, and give me permission to enter Your vast garden of delight.” (segment of talbiyah) • When first arriving at Mecca on the 1st day, tawaf is done: encircle Ka'bah 7 times at fast pace, shouting prayer and kissing the Black Stone, an oval boulder next to the Ka'bah, if possible. This confirms the individuals complete dedication to the one god, and belief in the prophets/rusula as well as kutubu'llah, in following the footsteps of Abraham. Done as one community there is a uniformity of fortitute. • In the courtyard in the Great Mosque in Mecca, the well of ZamZam permitts the pilgrims to collect and drink water, a symbol of truth and healing. Cloths can be dipped and used for their burials. • Following this, to reinforce “patien...

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