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1. St. Christopher’s Anglican Church is a Chinese parish, has two locations and three congregations. Its emergence was come from a vision in twenty years ago. Canon Edmund Der of St. John Anglican’s Church, which located in Chinatown, had noticed a lot of Chinese, mostly from Hong Kong, have immigrated to Canada and settled in the northern area of Toronto. Canon Der called some dedicated parishioners and formed a fellowship who has seen the mission to serve that large group of Chinese. In less than two years, St. Christopher’s Anglican Church was formed and is serving the Chinese communities in northern area of GTA as well as Markham and Richmond Hill.

2. The possession of the holy word of God is easily found in St. Christopher. On every Sunday, either the Morning Prayer or the Eucharist service, the church follows the revised common lectionary to proclaim the word of God. The readings always include the Old Testament, Psalms, Epistles and Gospel. In Eucharist service, the Gospel is read in the context of a gospel possession to offer a liturgical and theological meaning – bringing the gospel to the midst of the congregation. Also, the content of the sermon is always related to Gospel. Moreover, Church holds Bible study classes, yearly Bible reading plan to help the parishioners to understand more in the holy word of God.

3. Baptism is usually held in Christmas, Easter and Pentecost, and sometimes on a special Sunday (Anniversary with Bishop’s presence). The Baptism’s font is set in front of the pews so that all congregants see the process of the liturgy clearly. Also, the pouring of water, passing the lighted candle from the Paschal candle to the baptized persons, vividly demonstrates the theological meaning of the Baptism. In E...

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...hurch gatherings, has equipped the parishioners be a love giving fellowship. Our priest has helped our parish to build a firm foundation to serve God and serve our community. And in these years, our outreach and evangelical departments have held numerous programs such as: evangelicals meeting, vocational Bible studies, Tai Chi classes, cooking classes, homework tuition classes to our communities; we have attracted new incomers to the church and stayed in our church.

St. Christopher’s Anglican Church has just celebrated its 20th Anniversary on last couple weeks. The whole parish has had a series of profound reflection. Not only praising and thanksgiving God for the grace for the past of the church, the parish is once again to discern God’s will so that we serve God in the right field of His mission, to extend the kingdom of God and the Good News to our neighbours.
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