The Practice Of Mathematics And Primary Schools

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This section of the assignment focuses on the practice of mathematics in primary schools. It is important to consider a wide range of literature and evidence, to evaluate the pedagogy established around the teaching of arithmetic. It can be argued that mathematics is ‘the most international of all curriculum subjects’ and has the greatest influence in other aspects of life; social, economic, private and civil matters suggests, Anthony and Walshaw (2009, p6). Therefore, maths is considered to be a great skill to have in regards to future development and aspiring job aspects. In correspondents to recent debates such as, Effective pedagogy in maths, Vorderman maths report and Good practice in maths final report; several students disengage with mathematics due to the difficulties of complex equations, in effect, pupils become dissatisfied and continue to face challenges that distances them from engaging within mathematics. It is essential, that professionals have a clear concept of what operative mathematics should look like in a classroom, and therefore how teachers can challenge this pattern of negative assumptions around the subject maths. The International Academy of Education established a review in regards to the effective pedagogy in mathematics (2009). As part of their academic research it can be evidenced that Anthony and Walshaw (2009) valued the concept that teachers should support pupils in a range of contexts especially in regards to providing an ethic of care around the teaching of mathematics. It is prominent that in order for teachers to support the intellectual growth of maths, they should certify a robust mathematical emphasis within their classroom. In regards to the teaching of mathematics the report found that i... ... middle of paper ... ...ies who have topped international league boards in hope of becoming equivalent and in future years by pass them. There has been wide spread evidence that mathematics is considered as the most overriding subject within the National curriculum. Due to the governments new ideologies formed from the Vorderman report, it can be suggested that teachers now spend rigorous hours planning and segmenting lesson times in order to enhance our level of mastery pupils. In many placements it can be observed that teachers have inefficient time to spend educating pupils on the wider curriculum areas, due to the need to educate pupils for Standards Attainment Tests (SATS) in year two and year six. However, the high status given to mathematics may have been enforced due to needing crucial national support, as it is deemed as a ‘subject with critical importance’ (Nicholson, 2011, p15).
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